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These rules come into operation on Komodo Audax.

Locating the Checkpoints Checkpoint Food

Checkpoints should be established every 25 km.

Types of Rides

Rides are classified as: Calendar – Events held on a specific date and appearing in the Komodo Audax calendar.

Ride Times

  1. Komodo Audax rides are not races, however to be successful a rider needs to finish within a maximum time as set out in this rule.
  2. For any ride distance, intermediate and finish control opening times are based on a maximum speed of 30 km/hr.

Who May Ride

Any person may take part in a ride provided that:

  1. the person is a member of Komodo Audax,
  2. a person who is under 16 years of age must be accompanied throughout the ride by a parent or other responsible adult,
  3. a person who is under 18 years of age must have written approval from a parent or guardian,
  4. the rider has satisfied any qualifying or entry criteria set by the organizer in accordance with Rule.

Ride Entry and Fees

  1. Before the start of a ride a rider must:
  • give the organizer a completed ride entry form prior to any entry closure date specified by the organizer,
  • pay the ride entry fee,
  • pay the cost of a patch, medal or award, if the rider has ordered one; and
  • pay the cost of any applicable food or accommodation charges.
  1. Unless otherwise advised to riders at the time of entry, ride fees are not refundable.
  2. If two or more rides of different distances are being run together, the rider must specify which distance they are entering for and cannot subsequently choose a different distance after the start of the ride.

Bicycles and Equipment

  1. A rider may ride any type of cycle on a ride provided it is only capable of being propelled solely by human effort and complies with the road rules.
  2. On a ride where any part of the maximum permitted time for the ride is at night, a rider must:
  • at least two independent front lights which have constant beams and otherwise comply with the road rules;
  • at least two independent rear lights which comply with the road rules;
  • a red reflector which complies with the road rules; and
  • an effective reflective vest, bandolier or jersey (with reflective markings on both the front and rear) or equivalent,

(a) have available for use at all times:

(b) have securely attached to the cycle at all times, one front light and one rear light and a e red reflector,

(c) at night or in hazardous weather conditions causing reduced visibility:

i. have illuminated at least one front light of constant beam,

ii. have illuminated at least one rear light; and

iii. wear the reflective vest, bandolier or jersey or equivalent as the outermost garment.

  1. For any rider, reflective tape must be added to the front and rear of the bike or trice or rider equivalent to a vest, bandolier, jersey or equivalent where the rider’s reflective vest, bandolier, jersey or equivalent is in any way obscured from the front or rear while riding.

The Course

  1. The course for a ride is that described in the route notes and/or depicted on the map issued by the organizer for that ride.
  2. An organizer may change the course before or during a ride if necessary for safety reasons or to deal with unforeseen circumstances. Where it is necessary to shorten the course, riders will be deemed to have entered a ride of the shortened distance.
  3. Riders must stay on the route. If a rider leaves the route, they must return to the route at the same point prior to continuing

Controls Cards

  1. Controls may be:
  • Supported – where the organizer provides food, drink and a support person to validate the control card at a designated location. A rider may choose to treat a supported control as unsupported where the control is open but the support person is not available.
  • Unsupported – where no organizer or support person will be present and the rider must get their control card validated at the location specified by the organizer.
  • Secret – where the rider must get their controlcard validated by the organizer or a support person at unspecified locations along the route. A secret control need not be in the same place for each rider and there need not be the same number of secret controls for each rider.
  • Information – where the rider stops at specified locations or landmark on the route where the rider must write into their control card identifying information from this location or landmark.
  1. A rider must carry their controlcard at all times during the ride and must stop at each control while the control is open and get their controlcard validated. If, at an open control (other than the start or finish), it is not possible to get the controlcard validated, a rider may record their own arrival time and leave the controlcard unsigned for that control.
  2. A rider who arrives at a control after it has closed (excluding Secret controls) has not successfully completed the ride, except where the organizer or designated support person is satisfied that the rider’s lateness is due to the occurrence of something unforeseen and beyond the control of the rider and in such case the rider may be allowed to continue to participate in the ride. However, if the rider arrives at:
  • both of the next two (2) controls; or
  • the finish control after they have closed, the rider has not successfully completed the ride.
  1. At the end of a ride a rider must give their validated controlcard:
  • to the organizer or a support person,
  • may leave the controlcard at a pre-arranged place or
  • if no arrangement has been made, must deliver it to the organizer within 7 days of the end of the ride.


  1. Each rider must be self-sufficient however nothing in this rule prevents a rider from obtaining assistance (including buying food and drink), from:
  • another rider taking part in the ride or
  • a shopkeeper, local resident, passer-by or other disinterested person.
  1. No personal support of any kind (including a follow car) is permitted on the course. Personal support is only allowed at controls if agreed by the organizer. Any rider deemed to have received personal support may be disqualified.

Rider Behavior

  1. A rider must obey the road rules. If a dirt ride is on roads or tracks that are not covered by the road rules, a rider must, as far as reasonably practicable, comply with the road rules as if they did apply on those roads or tracks.
  2. A rider may ride on their own or with other riders taking part in the ride. A rider may draft behind other riders taking part in the ride, but must not draft behind any rider not taking part in the ride.
  3. A rider must obey the reasonable requests of the organizer and any support person.
  4. A rider must be courteous to, and behave in a sporting manner towards, other riders taking part in the ride, the organizer and all support people.
  5. A rider must not engage in any behavior that may bring Komodo Audax into disrepute.
  6. A rider no substitutions.

Special Conditions

  1. An organizer may require riders to attend a pre-ride inspection to check compliance with Rule and any rider who does not attend may be disqualified. A ride organizer must conduct a pre-ride inspection for all calendar events where Rule regarding lighting requirements applies.
  2. An organizer may, with the prior approval of the Committee, impose qualifying or other entry criteria in respect of a ride. A rider cannot enter the ride unless they satisfy those criteria.
  3. An organizer may, with the prior approval of the Committee, impose additional rules in relation to:
  • the equipment to be carried by a rider,
  • the behavior of riders taking part in a ride,
  • the patch, medal or award available on completion of the ride; and
  • any other aspect of the ride.
  1. If additional rules are imposed under Rule , a rider who breaches those rules may be disqualified.
    The organizer and support persons for a ride with supported controls may choose to ride the course up to 15 days prior to the date of the ride. The rider’s controlcard in such circumstances will be ratified as if the course was ridden on the date of the ride.


  1. Any violation of these rules may and any violation of rule will, result in disqualification by the organizer or designated support persons. A rider may be disqualified at any time before, during or after the ride and will be informed of disqualification as soon as practicably possible. A disqualified rider must relinquish their controlcard if the organizer or designated support persons so requests. The ride organizer is no longer required to provide support to a disqualified rider.
  2. A rider may be disqualified if, in the reasonable opinion of the organizer or a designated support person, the rider is likely to present a danger to them self or other road users.
  3. A rider who is disqualified from a ride may lodge an objection with the Committee within 7 days of the closing time for the ride.
  4. If an objection is lodged a meeting of the Committee is to be convened within 21 days of receipt of the objection.
  5. At that meeting the Committee is to allow the disqualified rider, organizer and designated support person to put their cases.
  6. The Committee may uphold or overturn the disqualification as it thinks fit, and if it overturns the disqualification may award or not award the ride to the rider as it thinks fit.

Photographs, likenesses or images of participants secured or taken on any of our holidays may be used by the company without remuneration in all media for bona fide promotional or marketing purposes


The organizer is not responsible for any kind of losses.


The participant of Komodo Audax not cover by insurance.